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Buy Shoutouts on our Shows

$50 - $150

Want to be a part of one of our shows, and support us at the same time?

Buy a shoutout! It's cheaper than traditional podcast advertising, and there's no middleman, which helps us out a lot.

Shoutouts are short personal or commercial messages that will be read on-air on whichever shows you choose to support, including Important If TrueIdle WeekendThe Idle Book ClubThree Moves Ahead, and Terminal7. They'll go live in the order they're received, and will be read in the voice of the hosts (so be sure to mention if there's any very specific wording you need—and know that wording is still at the discretion of each host).

Keep it short. Hosts reserve the right to edit as necessary.

Be sure to choose the appropriate option: personal or commercial. It should be pretty clear which is which. Personal shoutouts are to wish your friend a happy birthday, get some light-hearted trash talk on the air, congratulate a family member on an achievement, or any other purely personal message. Commercial shoutouts are for any message that is directly or indirectly revenue-earning: a product, a YouTube channel, a competing podcast, a company or non-profit organization, and so on. If we get commercial shoutouts submitted through the personal tier, we'll refund the order (and you can resubmit if you wish).

Along similar lines, we won't read anything we aren't comfortable with. Use your judgment here. If we do get orders that cross a line for whichever host they're submitted to, we will refund them (and have done so before). It's not meant as criticism, just a measure to maintain our own sanity.

Any questions? If you need more information, or represent a company looking to orchestrate a multi-episode campaign or ads that require specific timing, email us at biz@idlethumbs.net. Thanks!