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We're selling out, and you're buying in.

You can now get short on-air ads on several of our shows, for personal or commercial purposes.

What does that mean? It means we'll provide information on the show of your choosing—during a clearly-marked segment—about your product, business, service, birthday wish, marriage proposal, or whatever.

You may select the "personal" option if your topic is unambiguously not revenue-generating in nature. You want to wish your friend a happy birthday, get some lighthearted trash-talk on the air, congratulate a family member on an achievement, broadcast an online multiplayer "missed connection"(??), or propose to the love of your life.

You must select the "commercial" option if you want us to talk about something that is intended to directly or indirectly generate revenue in any way. This includes not just products and services that you sell to customers, but also your YouTube channel, your review website, your competing podcast, your non-profit or charity organization, or anything of a similar nature—anything that could be paid or ad-supported. Even if you aren't currently generating revenue and might never successfully do so, if your topic is of the category of things that people often use to generate revenue, it still counts.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad. If you buy a sponsorship on a topic that the hosts of the selected show are uncomfortable reading, or if you buy a personal sponsorship for a commercial topic according to the above terms, we will refund your purchase. Certainly 3MA can't take commercial ads for strategy games, lest that blur the line with an endorsement. Just use your best judgment!

We can't guarantee when your ad will be read, but we'll air them on episodes in the order they have been purchased, and we don't anticipate many delays. If your topic is time-sensitive (such as a timed store sale, or a birthday wish), please indicate this when you provide your ad information, and we'll do our best to prioritize accordingly.

Specific wording is up to the hosts. We're assuming that if you're buying an ad on a particular show, you are familiar with the delivery of that show's hosts. When you're placing your order, there will be a box for you to provide a couple sentences of information about your topic. If there is specific phrasing you want for a portion of the ad, please feel free to indicate as such, just know that, ultimately, wording is up to the host who delivers the ad.

Looking for an ongoing sponsorship? If you want to sponsor one of our shows for multiple episodes, or as part of an ongoing campaign, please contact us directly at biz@idlethumbs.net.

Any more questions? Email biz@idlethumbs.net. Thanks!