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The Original


A crowded shopping mall. A chaotic queue for the opening of a summer blockbuster. You move with the line, nudged and prodded, counting the seconds until you find your seat. A baby cries. A man argues with an usher. Through it all a woodcut typewriter, screen-printed (surely by hand), on a crisp navy American-made t-shirt catches your eye. You are not alone in this undulating maw. There, in the crowd; it's a reader. 

The Original. It's the shirt that says, "Video Games."

Sized slim. Screen-printed in San Francisco, garments made in America. 

Male model is 6'1, 175lbs and wearing a medium. Female model is 5'6, 127lbs and wearing a small.


Thoughts from current owners:

"I really want to commend the thumbs on a quality shirt. It's soft, fitting, and the logo is crisp and high quality. I've bought expensive tshirts way shittier than this. I don't know what it costs to make these, but if you guys put that effort into future shirts, count on a purchase." —Murdoc from the Idle Forums

"Whenever I go to buy t-shirts on the internet I think, 'These won't be as nice as my Idle Thumbs shirts,' and get really sad." —@Penixtissue from Twitter

"It is one of the best quality shirts I own. The print quality is really incredibly good and the material is soft and fitting." —Kolzig from the Idle Forums

"I just wore an Idle Thumbs shirt for 3 days straight while camping. It performed admirably." Wikipedia Brown from the Idle Forums